Psychological Assessment Services

What is a Psycho-Educational Assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment is an evaluation of intellectual, academic, behaviour, and/or adaptive skills. A typical assessment highlights strengths, areas of difficulty and provides recommendations.

Through Accredited Practice Endorsement (APE), a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder (e.g., dyslexia), ADHD, or an Intellectual Disability can be made. In addition, a psycho-educational assessment may also screen for speech and language difficulties, or developmental disorders.

What are the Benefits of a Psycho-Educational Assessment? 

Your child may benefit from a psycho-educational assessment if they are struggling with academic achievement, behaviour, or with planning, organization, and completion of homework. Results of a psycho-educational assessment may assist parents and educators in developing appropriate interventions and/or programming at home and at school.

Post-secondary students and adults may also benefit from a psycho-educational assessment. If you are experiencing learning difficulties, a psycho-educational assessment may allow for accommodations (e.g., access to lecture notes) at the post-secondary level.

To learn more about a psycho-educational assessment, please email or phone (306) 227-4297 to schedule an appointment.

*Insurance policies (or extended health benefits) may offer some reimbursement for fees paid. Please confirm with your insurance carrier and/or employer.