Counselling and Consultation Services

With a passion for working with children, youth, and adults, I provide practical recommendations and interventions to support healthy well-being and development. Counselling and consultation services may include:

  • Questions about early childhood development (e.g., “Why is my toddler hitting?”)
  • Managing difficult behaviours (e.g., “He just won’t listen so I am yelling constantly.”)
  • Dealing with anxiety or excessive worry (e.g., “I can’t shut my brain off at night to sleep.”)
  • Coping with traumatic events (e.g., “I keep having flashbacks.”)
  • Learning difficulties/school problems (e.g., “Michael tries so hard, yet he can’t read.”)
  • Managing depression (e.g., “I can’t concentrate or do things I used to enjoy”).

To learn more about counselling and consultation services, please contact or phone (306) 227-4297 to schedule an appointment.

*Insurance policies (or extended health benefits) may offer some reimbursement for fees paid. Please confirm with your insurance carrier and/or employer.